Created With Passion

Decades of experience goes behind stock selection which is so good that you will never feel insecure having them in your portfolio.

Unique & Dynamic

Economic changes identified on the go with unparalleled selection process. Your money is at a place where it has to be at the right moment.

Intelligently Constructed

Portfolio constructed so intelligently that it constitutes the best companies across the best sectors to make your savings fly not walk.

Bravisa Temple Tree

is a research and advisory firm specializing in the equity and mutual fund markets. Our research helps us identify the best growth stocks that have the potential to double in value within a year. Our work revolves only around equity markets as we believe that if man has to breath, equity needs to be there.

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Performance Report

Equities provide the highest return on investment in the long run. In this period our country is witness to 2 assassinations, 5 scams, 5 bull runs, 2 global wars & the worst of all terrorist attacks on the World Trade Centre. With all these uncertainties the SENSEX CAGR since its inception spanning 35 years has been 15.60%. Record says that any investment into the equity markets for more than 5 years has zero downside risk and achieving 15% return is justified.

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